If you are...
A diaspora organisation

EUDiF would like to help you to promote your work through the website, to engage in peer exchanges, to widen your network at national, regional and international level, and to communicate with the EU institutions.

Check out our capacity development opportunities, read the diaspora consultation reports, learn about the diaspora expertise mechanism and then email us at to set up an exchange.

A researcher on migration and development
A country of origin

Engage in peer exchange & learning at EUDiF regional thematic meetings; apply for capacity development, or request professionals from your diaspora.

Email  to tell us about your diaspora-development plans and explore collaboration opportunities.

An EU member state or development agency

Join our biannual coordination meetings, or contact us via to exchange on what you do as a host country and what you are interested in learning or sharing to do it better. EUDiF is also interested in holding joint activities.

A civil society organisation or NGO
A private sector organisation

Contact us via for an exchange on lessons-learnt, synergies and collaboration opportunities. You may also be eligible to apply as a partner in our Capacity Development Lab.

A regional organisation

If you are an intergovernmental organisation composed by partner countries you may apply for capacity development, or request professionals from your diaspora.

Diaspora youth in Europe

EUDiF hires an intern in spring and one in autumn for five months. This is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the implementation of an EU-funded project on diaspora engagement. The vacancy is published via the ICMPD website and promoted on EUDiF’s social media and website. Applicants should be diaspora youth based in Europe with an interest in migration and development.

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