Diaspora voices • Middle East
Reina Angoujard on the evolving role of the Lebanese diaspora & supporting Cedars Tech
November 22, 2021
On 22 November 2021, Lebanon’s 78th Independence Day, we spoke to diaspora professional Reina Angoujard. Reina has been an instrumental...
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News • Eastern Europe
CDL update: Mentoring momentum in Armenia
November 19, 2021
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day provides the perfect moment for an update from our action with AGBU Europe via which diaspora professionals...
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News • Global
Updates galore: factsheets, maps & regional pages
November 3, 2021
The global mapping on diaspora engagement has had a 2021 makeover! All 108 factsheets – as well as our global...
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Diaspora voices  
Introducing Elvina Quaison, Diaspora Engagement Specialist
November 2, 2021
As the project increases its technical support activities via the Capacity Development Lab and Diaspora Professionals 4 Development, we are...
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Radboud University survey for diaspora organisations
October 11, 2021
Radboud University in the Netherlands is researching the organisational identity and activity profiles of diaspora organisations as part of a...
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Event takeaways: Talent Partnerships & the potential role of diaspora
October 6, 2021
On Wednesday 22 September, the European Union Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) and the Migration Partnership Facility (MPF) hosted a webinar...
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