How we work

EUDiF offers support to public institutions of partner countries and diaspora organisations based in Europe. In the pilot phase (2019-2024), this was via 16 capacity development actions. In the second phase (2024-2027), EUDiF continues to provide capacity development to public institutions, whilst introducing grants for diaspora organisations, as well as providing practice exchange and learning opportunities to both.

All partnerships are demand-driven, co-developed and sustainably designed. They centre the added-value of diaspora engagement for development, including through use of diaspora expertise.

With public authorities

  • Public authorities in partner countries and regional organisations are invited to apply for capacity development support when a call for proposals is announced. The first call for proposals will be launched July/August 2024.
  • Capacity development support provided by EUDiF is demand-driven, small-scale and strictly skills and knowledge-oriented.
  • EUDiF does not provide: grants/subsidy, soft and hard equipment, infrastructure, permanent/regular staff costs.

With diaspora organisations

  • A grant for diaspora organisations will be launched in late 2024.
  • Information on the application and evaluation procedure will be shared on the website.
  • In addition, a course on project design will be piloted in November 2024, with additional training resources to be made available in the course of 2025.

Our actions

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