The Capacity Development Lab (CDL) provides demand-driven support to empower diaspora organisations in Europe and partner countries’ central and local authorities so as to enhance collaboration for development. To this end the CDL takes applications for tailored and tangible support to test innovative approaches in diaspora engagement. The CDL targets three capacity development levels of intervention:

  • Individual: skills, experiences and knowledge
  • Organisational: procedures, structures and frameworks
  • Enabling environment: institutional, system and behavioural changes

The CDL is a pilot project and will support a limited number of actions whilst aiming for a geographic and thematic balance in line with EUDiF’s global approach to diaspora engagement. The CDL operates via limited calls for applications, the first in autumn 2020. Applications will be selected for implementation according to the following criteria: relevance, feasibility, coherence, sustainability, impact. Check the Guidelines for Application for more information.

Experts in diaspora-engagement who are interested in working with the CDL are invited to register with us, regardless of diasporic identity.

Eligible areas of intervention:

  • Empowering diaspora organisations based in Europe
  • Supporting partner countries in enabling diaspora engagement for development
  • Fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships

Support examples:

  • Assistance in drafting legislations, by-laws supporting enabling environments, diaspora investment strategies or other policy documents and related implementation plans;
  • Development of training manuals, curricula and handbooks, SOPs, guidelines etc;
  • Gaps and needs assessments, evaluations and analyses of policy, institutional and legal framework;
  • Trainings of trainers, thematic workshops, training sessions, peer exchanges and study visits;
  • Development of methodologies and tools on data collection;
  • Information and awareness-raising campaigns and other visibility and communication activities.

Non-eligible support: grants, materials and equipment.

CDL applications must be made by a main applicant: partner countries (central or local authorities), diaspora organisations in Europe, and regional organisations.
Joint applications
We promote multi-stakeholder collaboration and therefore strongly encourage joint applications (e.g. a diaspora organisation as main applicant with its country of heritage central authority as a co-applicant).
Applications may include other actors in the diaspora-development ecosystem as partners (e.g. private sector; civil society organisations; academia). However, the request must be led by an eligible 'applicant’.
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Capacity Development Lab timeline
August 2020
Open registration for experts to support the implementation of capacity development actions
October 2020
Open applications for CDL
Autumn 2020 - Autumn 2022
Implementation and monitoring of pilot capacity development actions
Autumn 2022
Publications of results and lessons learnt
Read about EUDiF capacity building activities here.
CDL & DP4D open for business!
October 6, 2020
We are pleased to announce that calls are now open for our Capacity Development Lab and Diaspora Professionals 4 Development!...
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