The Capacity Development Lab (CDL) aims to equip diaspora organisations in Europe, partner countries and regional organisations with skills, tools and knowledge, empowering them to, ultimately, foster diaspora engagement. To this end, the technical capacity development support provided by EUDiF is demand-driven, small scale and strictly skills and knowledge-oriented.




Areas of intervention:

  • Supporting partner countries in enabling diaspora engagement for development.
  • Empowering diaspora organisations based in Europe.
  • Fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Types of support:

  • Organise knowledge transfer events (conduct trainings, facilitated workshops, seminars, webinars, etc.)
  • Conduct assessments, research and/or evaluations (conduct needs assessment, surveys, data collection, profiling, mapping, monitoring, etc.)
  • Develop strategic documents and/or training materials (draft laws, strategies, guidelines, manuals, curriculum, policies, etc.)
  • Provide know-how for visibility and communication activities (conduct awareness raising activities, create communication toolkits, etc.)
  • Facilitate networking and partnerships

EUDiF does not provide: grants/subsidy, soft and hard equipment, infrastructure, permanent/regular staff cost

Our actions

The first CDL call was opened in October 2020. We received many interesting applications and, after a rigorous selection process, the following actions were selected. Post-selection we entered into the pre-implementation phase during which we work together with the beneficiary and partners to finetune the action. It is a collaborative process that takes a little time, but leads to actions that we are all excited to see the results of.

Developing Lebanon’s tech sector through the Lebanese diaspora


To equip the Lebanese diaspora in France with knowledge, skills and tools to support the development of the Lebanese tech sector.


12 months


Harnessing diaspora expertise for women entrepreneurship in Armenia


The action aims to empower AGBU staff in Europe and Armenia with the knowledge, tools and capacities they need to implement efficient and sustainable diaspora mentorship programmes for local women entrepreneurs in Armenia.


17 months

Capacity Development Lab timeline
October 2020
First call for applications to the Capacity Development Lab
January 2021
First wave of actions commence
June 2021
Second call for Capacity Development Lab applications
January 2022
Second wave of actions commence
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