Diaspora Professionals 4 Development

Supporting partner countries through diaspora knowledge & skills transfer in five key development sectors.
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Expert Roster

Building a community of experts who want to contribute to an impactful diaspora-development ecosystem.
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Diaspora youth internship

Promoting diaspora youth expertise in international development through internships with EUDiF.
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Diaspora Professionals 4 Development

At EUDiF, we believe in mobilising, mainstreaming and maximising diaspora expertise for sustainable development when it can bring added value. Diaspora Professionals 4 Development (DP4D) is a small-scale human capital transfer initiative. It provides support to partner countries via virtual and/or short-term onsite assignments of professionals from the diaspora in key sectors. This pilot mechanism aims to make the most of the know-how and enthusiasm of professionals from diaspora of our partner countries who are willing to share their skills and experience in development projects in their country of heritage.

After a successful first round in August 2020 and the recent launch of our actions, EUDiF is open once again to welcome new requests for DP4D. Please read the Guidelines for Request Submission carefully before submitting a request to DP4D.


EUDiF will be accepting applications for DP4D in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian until 29 August 23:59 CEST. EUDiF will only consider requests submitted via the online form.

Eligible applicants:

  • Local and central public institutions
  • Regional organisations

Types of support:

  • Organise knowledge transfer events (conduct trainings, facilitated workshops, seminars, webinars, etc.)
  • Conduct assessments, research and/or evaluations (conduct needs assessment, surveys, data collection, profiling, mapping, monitoring, etc.)
  • Develop strategic documents and/or training tools (draft laws, strategies, guidelines, manuals, curriculum, policies, etc.)
  • Provide know-how for visibility and communication activities (conduct awareness raising activities, create communication toolkits, etc.)
  • Facilitate networking and partnerships

EUDiF does not provide: grants/subsidy, soft and hard equipment, infrastructure, permanent/regular staff cost

Our actions

The first DP4D call was opened in October 2020. We received many interesting requests and, after a rigorous selection process, the following actions were selected. Post-selection we entered into the pre-implementation phase during which we work together with the beneficiary to finetune the action. It is a collaborative process that takes a little time, but leads to actions that we are all excited to see the results of.

Promoting heritage tourism in Moldova through diaspora expertise


The action aims to transfer knowledge from Moldova’s diaspora in Sweden and facilitate the development of heritage tourism entrepreneurship in the Țipova-Saharna route.


16 months


Expert roster

We are building a community of experts who are interested in contributing to an impactful diaspora-development ecosystem. Currently, the expert roster is open to two categories of experts/professionals who can support EUDiF activities under the Capacity Development Lab and Diaspora Professionals 4 Development mechanism. Experts in the roster may also be invited to join events, in line with their area of expertise. All assignments under CDL and DP4D are paid fairly; the roster is not used for voluntary assignments.

The expert roster is open for registrations for the duration of the EUDiF project (until the end of 2022), although we encourage anyone interested to register as soon as possible to increase the chance to participate in our activities.

Who can register?

Diaspora professional

Currently we are recruiting diaspora professionals with at least five years in one of our five key development sectors: digitalisation, education, environment, entrepreneurship and health. You must be interested in sharing your sectoral knowledge with your country of heritage.

To qualify as a diaspora professional you must be an emigrant or descendant of emigrants from a partner country in one of our target regions: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East Pacific. You must reside in Europe (EU27, UK, Switzerland or Norway) or in another partner country.

Once your registration to the roster is approved, you will be eligible for assignment on projects under the Diaspora Professionals 4 Development (DP4D) mechanism, if your country of heritage applies for support in your domain. We encourage diaspora professionals to share information about the support available via DP4D with contacts in the country of heritage.

Diaspora engagement expert

To qualify as a diaspora engagement expert you must have at least 10 years of experience in diaspora matters and demonstrable experience in capacity development at national and international level, as well as experience working with diaspora organisations and governments.

Once your registration is approved, you will be eligible to support Capacity Development Lab activities.

Full call

Diaspora youth internship

We believe strongly in the dynamism of youth actors in development, and the importance of mainstreaming diaspora expertise. Our internship is an opportunity for young diasporans based in Europe and with heritage in our partner regions to gain experience in an international organisation working on migration and development.

Twice a year, we welcome interns to join the team for five months, to gain hands-on experience in the implementation of an EU-funded project on diaspora engagement and to grow and share their own interest and knowledge of diaspora for development. Vacancies are published on the EUDiF and ICMPD websites and promoted via social media.

We currently have no openings.

Mohammed Ameen Arimbra
September 2020 - January 2021
Agustín Searle Vial
March 2020 - July 2020
Maria Regina Tongson
March 2021 - August 2021
Naomi Wumba Bisengo
March 2021 - August 2021
Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
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