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Promoting heritage tourism in Moldova through diaspora expertise

To facilitate the development of heritage tourism entrepreneurship in the Țipova-Saharna route through knowledge transfer from diaspora professionals
16 months
Key documents

Programme of activities

The action facilitated modernisation of tourist services in the reserve and of the museum’s own activities, by exploring and capitalisaing on the potential of heritage tourism potential. It did this through a combination of activities grouped into three modules, including skills building and development of strategic tools that will enable the museum to continue working to maximise the potential of tourism for the region in years to come.

Conceptual package on modernisation of Țipova-Saharna
Jun - Jul 21: Needs assessment

A diaspora professional was deployed to Tipova, Moldova, to conduct the field visits, bilateral meetings and consultation sessions aimed to assess the main needs for the route's conceptualisation.

Jul - Sep 21: Conceptualisation

Based on the assessment and consultation of local actors, the diaspora expert drafted a 'conceptual package' on the tourist route. This is the first structured document of its type, including a detailed description of the route's elements, information on architectural design and an itinerary.

Tourism modernisation strategy
Jul - Sep 21: Strategy drafting

The diaspora professionals drafted a visionary strategy for 2022-2030 aimed to develop, preserve, conserve, leverage and integrate the tourist route into the sustainable development of the country.

Aug - Sep 21: Implementation action plan and storytelling note

Based on the strategy objectives, the experts crafted an action plan for its implementation for 2022-2024 detailing roles and timelines. The plan also includes a background note on a storytelling pilot project, the festival of legends in Tipova.

Nov 21: Seminar on the strategy package

The diaspora professionals conducted an online seminar for the museum staff and central public authorities to present the strategy and action plan and discuss opportunities, challenges and tasks for implementation.

Trainings and awareness-raising activities on promotion of heritage tourism
Jun 21: Training on fundraising for museum staff

The diaspora professionals conducted a specialised training to upskill the museum staff on project writing and fundraising.

Feb 22: Workshop on contemporary approaches to heritage tourism

The workshop targeted the museum staff, central public authorities, academia, NGOs and other actors involved in the management of the route. It introduced the participants to best practices from Sweden in heritage tourism entrepreneurship, such as the open-air museum model and storytelling

Jun 22: Sustainable tourism workshop

EUDiF and diaspora experts held an extended workshop onsite (in Tipova and Chisinau) to raise awareness on the main principles of sustainable tourism and opportunities for heritage tourism. The museum, central public authorities, local actors, entrepreneurs and local communities all participated.

“Țipova-Saharna landscape reserve is a unique cultural heritage three-in-one: it provides food for thought, energy for the body, and is a place for transformation because it helps you to integrate with nature and re-discover yourself. ”
Viorica picture
Viorica Olaru, PhD in history
Moldovan diaspora professional, based in Uppsala, Sweden

Capacity development

The museum assessed its capacities at the start and end of the action, showing how the various activities have helped to accelerate their knowledge and practical skills in areas essential to achieving their long-term objectives.

EUDiF actions are designed to plug into a partner's existing vision and/or workplan, in order to help enhance, catalyse, or accelerate initiatives in a way the partner will be able to maintain beyond the end of the action. This is why the focus is on enhancing capacities, rather than providing a finished product on behalf of the partner. No partner ever begins from zero capacities, but the progress made during the course of an action can have a huge impact on its operations.

Growth acceleration (km/h)
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Thematic knowledge and skills
Heritage tourism entrepreneurship
Sustainable tourism
Protection and conservation of intangible heritage culture
Storytelling and tourism marketing
Technical skills and capacities
Project management
Fundraising and resource development
Strategic partnerships and networking
Baseline assessment (Month 1) Endline assessment ( Month 16 )
diaspora professionals


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