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Saint Lucian skills mapping in the UK

To equip the Diaspora Affairs Office with the tools and knowledge needed to map the technical, intellectual and financial skills of the Saint Lucian diaspora.
6 months
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Programme of activities

With support from a diaspora professional, Mandy Preville-Findlay, co-founder of Beyond Iyanola, we are equipping relevant departments of the government of Saint Lucia with the skills, knowledge and tools to map the skills of their diaspora.

Framing and preparing the mapping exercise
Mar 23: Needs assessment workshop with national authorities

A needs assessment was conducted with staff of the Diaspora Affairs Office and the Saint Lucian High Commission in the UK to determine mapping objectives and training needs.

April 23: Training workshop

A two-day workshop was delivered by EUDiF to staff of the High Commission as well as members of the diaspora. The workshop covered research principles, survey design, data collection and analysis, as well as outreach and dissemination. The workshop including a session to refine the content of the survey and to prepare the roll-out plan.

Accompanied skills mapping exercise
May 23: Survey finalisation

EUDiF and the diaspora professional accompany the government partners to finalise and build the survey, with workshop participants acting as UX testers.

May 23: Launch preparation

Promotional materials was created to launch the survey across a variety of channels used by the diaspora, as determined during the workshop.

Jun 23: Survey dissemination

The survey was rolled out to the diaspora at the start of June. It remained open for one month.

Jul - Aug 23: Data collection and analysis

Survey data was be cleaned and analysed. The results were made available in a report for Saint Lucia, designed for the government to use in its programming.

Dissemination and validation
Sep 23: Training workshop

Government representatives in Saint Lucia joined a skills workshop on skills mapping, covering similar content to the first training workshop, with additional sessions on the results of the exercise and opportunity to reflect on next steps. A particular focus was on results dissemination, replication potential, and how to use the results of the UK skills profile for data-driven programming.

Sep 23: Validation of materials

The partners reviewed and validated the materials produced in the course of the action, including the training materials, templates and the skills mapping results report.

Dec 23: Dissemination event

A final webinar was conducted during Saint Lucia's Diaspora Week to present the results of the action to all interested stakeholders, with a focus on the Saint Lucian diaspora in the UK.

“The high degree of coordination in organisational efforts, strategic planning, and the comprehensive technical know-how played integral roles in driving the project to its successful completion.”
H.E. Julian DuBois
Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade,
Civil Aviation and Diaspora Affairs


The Diaspora Directorate assessed their capacities at the start and end of the action, showing how the various activities have helped to accelerate their knowledge and practical skills in areas essential to achieving their long-term objectives.

EUDiF actions are designed to plug into a partner's existing vision and/or workplan, in order to help enhance, catalyse, or accelerate initiatives in a way the partner will be able to maintain beyond the end of the action. This is why the focus is on enhancing capacities, rather than providing a finished product on behalf of the partner. No partner ever begins from zero capacities, but the progress made during the course of an action can have a huge impact on its operations.

Capacity development

Growth acceleration (km/h)
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Thematic skills
Step by step methodology
Creation of survey questions
Structured communication with the diaspora
Use of an online platform to create and disseminate a survey
Data analysis
Capacity to replicate the profiling methodology
Baseline assessment (Month 1) Endline assessment ( Month 12 )
Diaspora expert to lead outreach activities
staff and diaspora members trained
say their knowledge was enhanced


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