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Enhancing governmental capacity to attract expatriate investments into Egypt

With both their remittances and substantial capacity for investment, the more than 10 million Egyptians residing abroad are an important asset for Egypt’s economy. In recent years, Egyptian policymakers have created a more favourable environment to attract expatriate investment.

In 2020, the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs, created an Expatriates Unit whose focus is to encourage Egyptian expatriate investment. Accordingly, in partnership with EUDiF, GAFI seeks to further strengthen its expertise in attracting expatriate investment. The action’s design and outputs can be of interest to other investment promotion agencies or government institutions working on expatriate investment.

The action aims to enhance GAFI’s understanding of Egyptian expatriate investment and develop their institutional capacities to attract investment sustainably into Egypt.
24 months

In partnership with

Programme of activities

With this action, EUDiF aims to enrich GAFI's knowledge on good practices in attracting diaspora investment, and to eventually create a roadmap for the newly established Expatriates Unit with a strong communication and outreach component.

Benchmark study
Dec 21: Baseline assessment workshops

To assess GAFI's objectives, capacities, partners and current product offering in terms of diaspora investment.

Dec 21: "Good diaspora investment practices" workshops

To share with GAFI staff relevant practices other investment promotion agencies have implemented.

Apr 22: Benchmark research on diaspora investment good practices

To flesh out 10 practices on attracting diaspora investment conducted by other investment promotion agencies and stakeholders, including their key features, success factors and challenges.

Expatriate investment roadmap
Jan - Aug 22: Drafting workshop series

To define with GAFI the sections and content of the roadmap.

Oct 22: Peer exchange series

To learn from the successful experiences of the governments of Ireland and Morocco. Based on previous workshops and the benchmark, Ireland and Morocco were selected as comparable examples to the case of Egypt.

Nov 22: Interim roadmap production and presentation

To frame the diaspora engagement environment, the financial profile of the product to offer the diaspora and the profile of potential diaspora investors.

Mar 22: Baseline assessment workshop

To define GAFI's communication objectives that include better understanding how diaspora is engaging in Egypt and their financial profile.

Dec 22: Communication plan

The plan includes different diaspora outreach approaches depending on the profile of the diaspora in question.

Feb – Sep 23: Pilot of communication activities

A test run of elements of the communication plan such as establishing initial contact with diaspora groups through emails, calls and events. The team will also run a survey to collect information about diaspora members interested in investing in Egypt.

Dec 23: Final roadmap production & presentation

The final roadmap consolidates the interim roadmap with results from the communication activities, and will be presented by the expert to GAFI staff in a final workshop.


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