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Preparing Guyana for digitalisation of services for the Guyanese diaspora

Since the discovery of oil and gas reserves in 2019, the Guyanese economy has experienced unprecedented growth, leading to the government announcing a significant transformational budget. A major element of this transformation is rapid development of the ICT sector. The forthcoming digital transformation presents a watershed opportunity for the Diaspora Unit to ensure that it includes diaspora engagement. By lobbying to mainstream diaspora engagement into a whole-of-government transition, the Diaspora Unit aspires to improve its service delivery and communication with the diaspora, thereby building trust between government and diaspora to allow a diversification of the relationship including, for example, work towards greater investment, knowledge and skills transfer and return programmes.

The action addresses the Diaspora Unit’s wish to understand how to digitalise government services with diaspora as a user group, and how to enhance its own service delivery using digital tools.

Prepare the Diaspora Unit to advocate for mainstreaming diaspora engagement into national digitalisation efforts.
12 months
Key documents

Programme of activities

Following the Diaspora Unit's initial request, the collaboration began with a collaborative design phase to narrow the scope in order to design the action and programme of activities.

The action is divided into four complementary modules, with elements of research, peer learning and skills development.

Digital services & diaspora engagement state of play
Oct 22: Desk research

Expert Dr Agathe Randrianarisoa reviewed Guyana's approaches to digitalisation and diaspora engagement respectively, identifying needs and entry points.

Nov 22: Key informant interviews

Discussions were held with the Diaspora Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other ministries and government agencies relevant for diaspora engagement to understand the status of government service digitalisation and diaspora engagement priorities.

Nov - Dec 22: Desk research

EUDiF conducted desk research on practices in digitalising diaspora engagement, from consular service provision, to investment, tourism and everything in between.

Jan - Mar 23: Peer selection and profiling

Based on the results of the KIIs and Guyana's priorities, the action elects to focus on digital processes within skills transfer for the peer selection and profiling. In-depth profiles of at least two peers will be developed.

Apr - Jul 23: Peer exchange

Profiled peers will be invited to join exchanges with the Diaspora Unit for mutually beneficial learning on designing and managing digital skills registries in the context of diaspora engagement.

Communication skills development
Nov 22: Needs assessment

EUDiF accompanied a self-assessment of the Diaspora Unit's communication capacities and resources, comprising institutional resources and staff skills.

Apr - Jul 23: Skills development workshops

Tailored training will be provided to the diaspora unit to support their communication with the diaspora.

Report drafting and presentation
Jun 23: Draft and review

Based on the desk research, key-informant interviews, peer profiling and communication activities, the experts will prepare a report with and for the Diaspora Unit, tentatively titled "Digitalising diaspora engagement services for Guyana: Priorities, preparedness and practices"

Jul 23: Presentation

Following feedback from the Diaspora Unit and EUDiF, the report and its recommendations will be presented to the Diaspora Unit and invited stakeholders.


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Digitalisation & diaspora-engagement – Supporting twin processes in Guyana
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