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August 14, 2020
Expert roster launch

As part of our efforts to mainstream diaspora-engagement and the expertise of diaspora in development, we are delighted to launch the EUDiF expert roster.

Experts in the roster will be recruited to support EUDiF activities according to demand for specific areas of expertise, whilst building the roster itself is in itself a contribution to EUDiF’s aim to consolidate knowledge and test initiatives within the diaspora-development ecosystem.

The roster is open for registrations for the duration of the EUDiF project (until the end of 2022), although we encourage anyone interested to register as soon as possible to increase the chance for deployment.

We are recruiting two broad profiles of experts that play complementary roles in development. First, we welcome registrations from experts in diaspora-engagement to support activities within our Capacity Development Lab. To qualify you must have at least 10 years of experience in diaspora matters and demonstrable experience in capacity development at national and international level, as well as experience working with diaspora organisations and governments.

Secondly, we are recruiting diaspora professionals for mobilisation on short-term development projects with their countries of heritage via our Diaspora Expertise Mechanism. To register as a diaspora professional you must self-identify as being part of a diaspora (i.e. be an emigrant or descendant of emigrants from a DEVCO partner country actively maintaining links with your country of heritage) and be interested in contributing to development. Diaspora professionals need at least 5 years of experience in a development-related sector. Digitalisation, education, environment, entrepreneurship and health are considered priority sectors.

Expert and diaspora professional assignments will start from autumn 2020, until autumn 2022, based on requests for support. All expert/diaspora assignments are fairly compensated.

Full details of the different expert profiles, including examples of the support that could be provided by each, can be found in the Call for experts, available in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. We accept registrations in the same five languages.

Registration is on a rolling basis so that we can build as comprehensive a roster as possible throughout the duration of the project. Please share the opportunity with your network and help us get the word out!

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