At EUDiF, we believe in mobilising, mainstreaming and maximising diaspora expertise for sustainable development when it can bring added value. The EUDiF Diaspora Expertise Mechanism is a small-scale human capital transfer programme that operates through virtual and/or short-term on site assignments. Our pilot mechanism aims to make the most of the know-how and enthusiasm of diaspora professionals willing to share their skills and experience in development projects in their country of heritage.

From August 2020 until the end of 2022 we will build a directory of diaspora professionals based in Europe and partner countries. In parallel, through Capacity Development Lab, we offer tailored support to partner countries to improve their capacities and build enabling environments that can initiate and sustain similar collaborations bilaterally in the long-term.

EUDiF Diaspora Expertise Mechanism is a unique player in the human capital transfer market, thanks to its core features:

  • Global coverage offering deployment possibilities in Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Pacific.
  • Fair compensation of diaspora professionals in return for their commitment to contribute to development projects in line with their professional competences.
  • Sectoral focus on development areas where diaspora expertise can bring an added value. Priority sectors are: education, environment, digitalisation, entrepreneurship and health.
Who can be a diaspora professional? You, if…
  • You are an emigrant or descendant of emigrants from a DEVCO partner country who actively maintains links with and is willing to contribute to the development of your country of heritage.

  • You are available to travel to and work in your country of heritage for at least five days per year

  • You have at least five years of professional expertise in a development-relevant sector. EUDiF priority sectors:

    • Digitalisation
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Health


For more information, read the call for short-term diaspora engagement experts and diaspora professionals.

  • N.B. We also welcome all experts in diaspora-engagement to register for involvement in capacity development activities, regardless of diasporic identity.
Register as a diaspora professional

Who can submit a request?

Request for the Diaspora Expertise Mechanism will be welcome as of Autumn 2020 from:

  • National and local authorities of DEVCO partner countries (requests submitted by local authorities must be coordinated with the national level);
  • Regional organisations.

Partners from the diaspora-development ecosystem are welcome to apply as co-applicants, for example civil society organisations or private sector actors.

Requests will be selected based on strict criteria linked to feasibility, ownership and sustainability. The selection also pays attention to ensuring a geographic and thematic balance.

Eligible support examples:

  • Core knowledge transfer activities:
  • Trainings of trainers in the country of heritage;
  • Specialised thematic seminars, workshops, mentoring, creation of group of excellences, training and information exchange sessions;
  • Assignments in host institutions:
  • Assistance to draft strategic and policy documents such as policies, laws, strategies, SOPs, recommendations, action plans, programmes, etc.;
  • Support to the development of practical tools such as manuals, curricula, handbooks, methodologies;
  • Gaps and needs assessments, evaluations of institutional structures and feasibility studies;
  • Support to the development of information and awareness-raising campaigns as well as communication skills;
  • Data collection and data sharing exercises.


Non-eligible support: equipment, material and ad hoc / time-limited actions that lack sustainability.

Summer 2020
Call for experts - targeting diaspora professionals willing to share their expertise for mobilisation
Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021
Open application for diaspora expertise mobilisation. Information on procedure will be shared on the website
Autumn 2020 - Autumn 2022
Autumn 2020
Publication of results and lessons learnt
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