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October 26, 2020
Deadline fast approaching for CDL & DP4D!

The deadline for applications for our Capacity Development Lab and Diaspora Professionals 4 Development mechanisms is fast approaching: 16 November.

To help you prepare your application we have a recap on both opportunities, along with frequently asked questions. For any additional queries, get in touch via in English, Arabic, French, Spanish or Russian.

As we are funded by the Development Cooperation Instrument, EUDiF works with partner countries & regional organisations in the partner regions of European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development: Africa, Asia, LAC, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Middle East & Pacific. EUDiF also works with diaspora organisations whose heritage is in these regions, but which are based in the EU27, Norway or Switzerland.

Recap: CDL & DP4D

The CDL is an opportunity to enhance the capacity for diaspora-engagement from both diaspora and government perspectives.

Support examples: assistance drafting legislation, establishing enabling environments, training manuals, needs assessments, policy analysis, data collection, awareness raising campaigns…

Not included: grants or other material support

Who can apply?

  • Diaspora organisations in EU 27, Norway, Switzerland
  • Partner countries (central & local authorities)
  • Regional organisations based in partner countries

Each CDL application must come from one of the three above. Join applications from more than one organisation/authority are strongly encouraged. Partners are welcome from academia, civil society, private sector, but must apply with one of the lead applicants.

Full details on CDL eligibility and application: Guidelines for Application

DP4D is a human-capital/knowledge transfer mechanism through which professionals from diaspora support their country of heritage on short-term assignments on target sectors: digitalisation, education, entrepreneurship, environment and health.

Assignment examples: drafting strategy and policy documents, developing handbooks, needs assessments, communication campaigns, data collection…  

Not included: grants or other material support

Who can apply?

  • Partner countries (central & local authorities)
  • Regional organisations based in partner countries

Full details on DP4D eligibility and support request: Guidelines for Request Submission


1.Who can apply for these new mechanisms under EUDiF?

N.B. Under the CDL, there joint proposals are strongly encouraged. If you are one of the main eligible applicants, you can join efforts with other main applicants and apply together as co-applicants. If you are a civil society organisation, an academic institution or a private sector institution, you are only eligible as a partner to a main applicant.

Diaspora professionals in digitalisation, education, entrepreneurship, environment and health and experts in diaspora engagement can register to the expert roster, for the chance to support the CDL and DP4D. There is no location requirement to join the expert roster.

2. How can we submit a joint CDL application with lots of co-applicants and/or partners?

For a joint application (i.e. multiple co-applicants):

The first section of the online application is “I. Contact details of the applicants and partners” Here you will find the options: “Are you applying with a co-applicant?” and “Are you applying with a partner? “

  • If there is one co-applicant, click “Yes” on “Are you applying with a co-applicant?” and fill in the details.
  • If there is a second co-applicant, click “yes” again on “Are you applying with another co-applicant?” and fill in fields,
  • If you have more than two co-applicants, then click on another “yes” for “Are you applying with additional co-applicants?” This will generate one a free-text field (4000-character limit) to add the details for all additional co-applicants in one go. We encourage you to include the same information as for other co-applicants.

A similar process applies to partners.

When submitting the application you will have the option of adding a partner organisation’s details. In the event of multiple partners, use the free-text field (4000-character limit) to fill in the information for all additional partners.

Joint applications are encouraged with multiple co-applicants and/or multiple partners are encouraged.

3. What is the maximum duration of projects under CDL and DP4D?

Project length is flexible, but must take place between January 2021 and autumn 2022. As EUDiF will finish in December 2022, this allows time for review of projects and generation of lessons learned for future diaspora engagement initiatives.

4. I was accepted in the EUDiF expert roster – what’s next?

Once the calls for applications to the CDL DP4D close on 16 November, we will select a number of proposals for implementation. EUDiF will then match diaspora professionals and diaspora-engagement experts to the selected proposals, and contact the people in question as of early 2021.

Support to CDL and DP4D are fairly compensated according to a day rate; costs related to travel and accommodation are also covered by EUDiF.

5. What budget is available for a CDL or DP4D proposal?

EUDiF handles the budgeting and financing of proposals upon selection. At the application/request stage, submitting a budget is optional. There is currently no minimum or maximum for the budget of the support we provide.

EUDiF does not provide grants, or purchase materials/equipment. For the types of support we can fund, see a non-exhaustive list of examples in Guidelines for Application for CDL and the Guidelines for Request Submission for DP4D. If you would like to discuss elements of your proposal related to budget before submitting, email us

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