May 20, 2020
Welcome to EUDiF: the EU #diaspora4dev hub

Ralph Genetzke, ICMPD Director, shares a few words on the EU Global Diaspora Facility’s research and website launch.

Although I had hoped to celebrate the publication of the EU Global Diaspora Facility’s (EUDiF) first wave of research and new website at the first Annual EU Global Diaspora Forum slated for this month, current circumstances prevent this. Nevertheless, I am delighted to launch the website and research virtually as they represent a new chapter in diaspora engagement: a global chapter.

EUDiF is a new chapter in diaspora engagement: a global chapter

EUDiF is the first EU-funded project to take a global approach to consolidate efforts on diaspora engagement for development. It seeks to learn from, support and catalyse existing diaspora engagement initiatives. It will generate knowledge, facilitate dialogue, build capacities and pilot a diaspora expertise mechanism, all with the objective of maximizing the potential of diaspora for development. The project will support new networks between Europe-based diaspora organisations from DEVCO’s partner regions (Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Gulf, Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Pacific). It will also provide sustainable channels of communication between the EU and its member states, diaspora organisations and countries of origin. ICMPD is proud to take part in this venture, having been active in the field of diaspora engagement since 2007 in various capacities.

On the website you can find out about EUDiF’s activities, from the research and dialogue which are well underway, to the capacity building opportunities and diaspora expertise mechanism which will both launch soon.

In particular, I am pleased to direct you to the results of the first phase of global diaspora engagement mapping in the interactive map. Working with a team of regional experts, EUDiF has mapped policies, priorities and projects in diaspora engagement across 50 countries. A second wave of research has just begun and 50 more countries will be available in detail by the end of the year. Explore the interactive map which houses the research so far, as well as global statistics on emigration and remittances as important markers for diaspora engagement. Detailed factsheets are also available for the first 50 countries.

Results of the mapping are currently being used to design targeted capacity building activities and to identify opportunities for dialogue and cooperation. The mapping results also feed the pilot diaspora expertise mechanism. We welcome contact from national authorities and diaspora organisations and individuals to explore collaboration on all areas of EUDiF activity, capacity building and expert mobilisation in particular.

Through the mapping, EUDiF has also begun to catalogue Europe-based diaspora organisations that are active in the development of their country of heritage; we invite diaspora organisations to contact EUDiF to share success stories of their development work in order to be featured on the website.

EUDiF began in June 2019 and runs until the end of 2022.  The publication of the research and launch of the website marks the end of the first phase of the project, just as it signals this new global chapter in diaspora engagement for development.

Enjoy exploring the EUDiF research and website and join us to maximise the potential of #diaspora4dev!

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