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July 5, 2024
Team memories from EUDiF’s first phase

Diaspora engagement is all about people and the relations between those in the diaspora and those in government. Likewise, a project is driven by the people behind the logo. As we celebrate five years of EUDiF, members of the current team share key memories from the last few years…

Since we started EUDiF in June 2019, EUDiF has been driven by a team of passionate colleagues at ICMPD. Some of the team have been along for the full five years, whilst others joined (and left) along the way. The core team is strengthened by diaspora youth interns who are now alumni and still connected to the project – but more from them another time.

Each team member has a unique perspective on the project and memories that stand out from involvement across our research, dialogue and capacity development activities, as well as the behind the scenes stuff which make collea

Memories from dialogues

For Liza, Elvina and Oleg, involvement in the dialogues stands out the strongest, particularly the 2023 Future Forum when we finally brought the diaspora-development ecosystem together in person. It was a momentous occasion for the team, one which lives on in all our memories.

Oleg’s dialogue memory comes long before the Future Forum at which we all witnessed the power of bringing people together. When he presented the project at the Platform for Partnerships under the 12th GFMD Summit, in Quito, January 2020 when EUDiF was just starting out... 

Dialogue is essential to accelerate development by building connections, sharing practices, learning from each other and exploring collaboration opportunities. Big events play an important role in scene-setting and community building, allowing different stakeholders to come together. At EUDiF we believe in the power of dialogue, seeing a need to facilitate dialogues on different scales to allow for both the conceptual and operational discussions that will allow us collectively to maximise the potential of diaspora engagement for development.

From our actions

Capacity development is a core service and has led to 16 fascinating actions with a plethora of government and diaspora partners. It is no wonder that Agustín and Hala’s core memories come from two of these partnership projects, given how much time they spent working closely with our partners and the great reward of bringing an idea into reality.

From our knowledge sharing

In five years, we have produced over 220 publications and shared knowledge on diaspora engagement in myriad formats to inform and inspire the global development community. It all started with the global mapping of diaspora engagement, the first activity and the longest running as we update it each year to ensure it is a living repository of knowledge from across the globe. Natural, therefore that Fanny and Charlotte highlight our knowledge resources…

From team building

Like any community, diaspora or otherwise, food bonds the EUDiF team together. Fun fact: At the end of each action we celebrate with a dinner themed to the country in question. Diana’s key memory is a recent one, from when we gathered to reflect on the project’s first phase and plan for the future, whilst learning about the culinary culture of one of our own…

At the end of the first phase of EUDiF, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the colleagues who have been members of the team: Aurélie Sgro (Senior Project Manager, June 2019 – December 2023), Alexandre Porteret (Associate Project Officer, June 2019 – September 2021) and Andreea Apostu (Project Assistant, June 2019 – April 2022).

We also thank our colleagues from across ICMPD and DG International Partnerships without whom the project would not exist.

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