Cover images of the Partnerships fundamentals guide in English and French.
September 19, 2023
Prepare for the Future Forum with our new partnerships guide!

Preparations for the Future Forum are now in full throttle with only 30 days left! In advance of the conference, EUDiF is delighted to share our “Diaspora Partnership Fundamentals”, a three-part guide to the key principles of building and nurturing partnerships in the diaspora-development space.

Why a guide on diaspora partnerships?

Partnerships are at the heart of EUDiF’s work – whether it be research, dialogue, or technical support. They are the cornerstone of successful diaspora engagement for development and are crucial to bringing in a wide variety of actors and their valuable assets. 

However, partnerships are not necessarily easy to navigate, especially in the diaspora space where there are plenty of cultural and political complexities to consider. With this – and the partnerships theme of the upcoming Future Forum – in mind, we are pleased to present this new publication as a warm-up to the discussions to come at the conference next month. Whether or not you are joining us there in person, we hope this guide will provoke a reflection on what partnerships mean to you and your organisation.

What to find in the guide?

Drawing on expert-backed research and four years of hands-on experience in implementing diaspora partnerships, the partnerships guide is structured around the three main panels of the Future Forum: Partnering for success, Diversifying partnerships, and Maximising the diaspora-development value chain. In it, we seek to answer questions such as:

  • Why partnerships are needed
  • How to know if it’s the right partnership
  • Why diversify partnerships
  • What different kinds of partners are out there, and where to find them
  • What makes a partnership impactful

… and many more! 

Download the guide in English or French now:

For more information on the conference agenda and registered speakers, visit the Future Forum page

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