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September 6, 2023
New research from ECONIDAS on diaspora engagement and socioeconomic growth in the Western Balkans

A fellow project run by ICMPD, the ECONIDAS study project, has developed a collection of country factsheets focused on engagement of diaspora from the Western Balkans. EUDiF is pleased to share these resources to complement the knowledge we have build on diaspora engagement in our partner regions. Read on for an overview from the ECONIDAS team…

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at harnessing the potential of diaspora communities, the ECONDIAS study project has unveiled a comprehensive collection of country factsheets spotlighting diaspora engagement from Western Balkan countries across Europe. The factsheets, which highlight the outcomes of the study, were developed during a research endeavor to enhance the contribution of Western Balkan diasporas to the socioeconomic development of their nations of origin.

The overarching objective of ECONDIAS has been to leverage the power of business diaspora and entrepreneurship, with the intention of bolstering the transfer of crucial knowledge, skills, and investments to the Western Balkan region. The initiative has resulted in a profound exploration of diaspora involvement, underscoring the importance of fostering collaboration between nations and diaspora communities for mutual growth.

One of the most significant achievements of the project has been the meticulous mapping of 330 distinctive practices and initiatives spanning not only the six Western Balkan nations but also encompassing 27 EU countries and Switzerland. The mapping process involved a rigorous blend of desk research and direct engagement with pertinent stakeholders, including embassies, consular offices, chambers of commerce, and diaspora organizations. The research has generated factsheets on diaspora engagement in five Western Balkan nations and five EU Member States. Download the collection to learn more:

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