Cover image of action infosheet titled "Equipping Saint Lucia with tools and capacities to map its diaspora’s skills through a pilot exercise in the UK"
September 19, 2022
DP4D info sheet: PCSDS (Philippines)

This info sheet provides an overview of our DP4D action with the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS). This action seeks to leverage diaspora expertise to advance the agenda for sustainable development in Palawan. The info sheet lists the following:

  • Action basics: Our beneficiaries and partners, the duration of the action, and the SDGs we contribute to.
  • Main features: The context and needs we address, and the general and specific objectives of our action.
  • Action plan: EUDiF’s areas of intervention, the capacity development support we provide, the outputs of our activities, and expected results.
DP4D info sheet: PCSDS (Philippines)
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