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April 26, 2023
Diaspora Youth Pitch Competition – apply now!

Staying true to its history of engaging youth diaspora in development, we are launching our Diaspora Youth Pitch Competition as part of the Future Forum. We invite youth diaspora-led organisations in Europe to submit a development-oriented idea that leverages innovative diaspora partnerships to address SDGs 4 and/or 13. Read on for more information…

At each edition of the Future Forum we have created opportunities for youth diaspora to share their ideas and amplify their voices. As drivers of innovation and the leaders of tomorrow, youth diaspora are essential to making the diaspora-development ecosystem truly informed, inclusive and impactful.

In the first edition of the Future Forum, we devoted a whole day to exploring the role of the youth in diaspora-led development. In the second edition on human capital, six Diaspora Youth Rapporteurs ensured a youth perspective was present throughout. For this year’s Future Forum, we are delighted to launch the Diaspora Youth Pitch Competition…

What is the competition?

The Diaspora Youth Pitch Competition is a chance for diaspora-youth led organisations to present their bright ideas to the Future Forum audience, including diaspora organisations, governments, the EU and other international actors. It is an opportunity to celebrate the potential of diaspora youth ideas and inspire new partnerships whilst competing for a prize of up to €3000.

We invite youth-led diaspora organisations in Europe to submit a development-oriented idea that leverages the potential of youth diaspora to address SDG 4 (quality education) and/or SDG 13 (climate action).

The competition was born partly from the rewarding experience working with diaspora youth within the project, partly from seeing the fantastic work individuals and diaspora youth organisations are already doing, and partly inspired by the recently launched Youth Action Plan in EU external action for 2022-2027, which heralds young people as key to achieving the SDGs and a driving force for a sustainable future. The plan’s three pillars are put to life through the Diaspora Youth Pitch Competition:

  • Engage: Increase young people’s voices in policy and decision-making at all levels
  • Empower: Fight inequalities and provide young people with the skills and resources they need to prosper and fulfill their potential
  • Connect: Foster opportunities for young people to network and exchange with their peers

Why compete?

As well as being in with a chance to win prize money, entering the competition allows diaspora youth organisations to bring their unique ideas to an influential audience, inspiring policymakers and practitioners to strengthen youth inclusion in development practice.

The six finalists will be given one-to-one coaching to refine their pitch and will be sponsored to attend the Future Forum in Brussels on October 17-18. This is also an opportunity for the organisation to gain exposure and to network. 

The three winning ideas will receive prize money:

  • 1st prize: €3000
  • 2nd prize: €2000 
  • 3rd prize: €1000

Who, how and when…

We welcome submissions from diaspora organisations that are legally registered in the EU27, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, and who have a governing body controlled by youth diaspora aged between 18 and 30. 

Participating organisations must have a mandate concerning diaspora empowerment and/or development in EUDiF’s partner countries.

Interested in putting your ideas to the test? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Read the competition guidelines for full information on eligibility, process and judging criteria. 
  2. Join the virtual town hall on 8 May 2023, 19:00 CEST (register here)
  3. Email any additional questions to (a public FAQ will be shared so all organisations have access to the same information).
  4. Develop your idea – use the practice form in the guidelines to help.
  5. Submit the idea via our online form in English or French by 30 June 2023, 23:59 CEST. Only entries submitted via the online forms will be considered. Don’t forget to complete a partner registration form at the same time.
  6. Wait and relax…the finalists will be announced on 14 July.

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