January 10, 2022
Diaspora Youth Internship – apply by 31 Jan 22

The start of 2022 brings the next cycle of our Diaspora Youth Internship. Applications for the two five-month positions are open until 31 January. 

At the end of each internship cycle it is bittersweet to say goodbye to our interns who have become core members of our group, but it is also exciting to to welcome new faces to join the team for five months. We are currently recruiting to fill two internship positions, beginning 1 March 2022, online or in Brussels. If you self-identify as diaspora youth and are keen to gain experience in project implementation with an international organisation, this opportunity could be for you.

There are two positions available, working on different streams of EUDiF activities but with opportunities to experience all elements of the project. Full details on each position, including responsibilities, application criteria and how to apply, can be found on the ICMPD application portal, via the following links:

Whilst the tasks for each position vary according to EUDiF activities during the internship period, we work with the selected interns to understand what skills they are particularly keen to build and try to provide as many learning and growth opportunities as possible.

At EUDiF, we strongly believe in the dynamism of youth actors in development and the importance of mainstreaming diaspora expertise, the Diaspora Youth Internship is the combination of these two principles. The internship is designed as an opportunity for young diaspora professionals to gain experience in an international organisation working on migration and development, whilst the project simultaneously benefits from the innovative ideas that come with new colleagues and youth perspectives.

Our current interns, Oumou and Daria, have been with the project since September. Both have been a fantastic support to the project, bringing regional knowledge and sensitivity as well as academic and professional experiences and creativity. Whilst we are sad to say goodbye to them both, it is clear that exciting things lie ahead for these talented women. 

On her experience with the project, Oumou, Research & Communications Intern, said…

“At EUDiF you are not just an intern but a valued member of the team. This internship has been a great kick-start to my professional career in migration and development; with the skills I gained, I feel ready to work in any international environment. I have been involved in all aspects of research and communications, from the planning to the design and writing of creative and policy-relevant content. I started this internship with an academic and personal understanding of the potential contributions of diasporas to development. Now, after having been involved in various elements of the project, I am convinced it is not only potential but real impact!” 

Daria, Capacity Development Intern, shared her favourite part of the internship so far:

​“There are many things I loved about this internship – gaining experience and knowledge, working with amazing and professional team members, and contributing to the engagement of diaspora communities in sustainable development. But, if I had to put it on one thing, what I liked most is ultimately the fact that this opportunity really opened the door into complex processes of project management. The most amazing thing about this internship experience is that it really bridged the gap between learning things in university and actually applying some of this knowledge in reality. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at EUDiF and now have very valuable experience under my belt.” 

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