June 1, 2022
Diaspora Youth Internship – 2 new openings

As part of our efforts to mainstream diaspora expertise in development, we run an internship programme for self-identifying diaspora youth based in Europe, with heritage in our partner regions Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific. Applications for the  next two five-month positions are now open, the deadline to apply is 30 June.

The EUDiF Diaspora Youth Internship has been running for 5 cycles. Each cycle further demonstrates the importance and value of bringing youth diaspora perspectives into development policy and programming. 

The internship is designed as an opportunity for young diaspora professionals to gain an early-career experience in an international organisation. Participants build skills in project management, research, content creation, stakeholder management and more. 

We are currently recruiting to fill two internship positions, working on different streams of EUDiF activities but with opportunities to experience all elements of the project. The internships begin 1 September 2022, online or in Brussels. Full details on each position, including responsibilities, application criteria and how to apply, can be found on the ICMPD application portal, via the following links:

As well as the professional experience of the internship itself, becoming a diaspora youth intern means joining a bigger community, the EUDiF diaspora Alumni Network, a community of young professionals active in the migration and development. This year, at the Human Capital edition of the Future Forum, members of the alumni network worked alongside our current interns, Bea and Savannah, as Diaspora Youth Rapporteurs. Together, they raised the profile of challenges facing young people and highlighted important entry points for youth engagement. 

Hear directly from our current interns about their experience at EUDiF. Savannah, Research & Communication intern, said…

‘‘Being an intern at EUDiF means being thrown in at the deep end from your very first day – in the best way possible. Despite working remotely from the Caribbean, my internship experience has been engaging, and I immediately felt like a part of the team. I was free to explore what components of the overall project I wished to participate in more extensively while also enhancing my skills in other areas, such as copywriting, content and project management, graphic design, and more. At the heart of EUDiF is a multi-stakeholder and participatory approach which not only translates into diaspora-led development but it also means that we, as diaspora youth, are valued actors of change within the organisation and beyond. The overall experience has left me confident about my career and a support network in Brussels I am thrilled to meet one day!’’

Bea, Capacity Development intern…

‘’My experience at EUDiF so far has been very empowering. Even during my first weeks of working with the team, I already felt valued – surrounded by people who value my opinions, capacities, and aspirations. Here, I am encouraged to be critical, to speak up, and to develop my interests and curiosities. It has also given me a boost in building my network in Europe and beyond. Ultimately, the work being done and the discussions taking place in the context of the project inspire me to do better as a young professional and as a part of the Filipino diaspora myself. Very grateful for this opportunity!’’

Apply now to join the growing group of Diaspora Youth Interns and Alumni and make a long-term impact in EUDiF’s implementation!

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