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Vivienda para Mexicanos en el Exterior. 2016

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The “Your Housing in Mexico” (“Tu Vivienda en México”) programme is the result of a collaborative effort between the Mexican government through the National Housing Commission (CONAVI) and the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME), and with private mortgages and developers of housing, to encourage and promote the acquisition of housing in Mexico among the Mexicans abroad. This program allows the purchase of a new or used home through mortgage credit, making payments of the credit from the place of residence of the client. The IME has supported this program through a dissemination campaign in the Consulates of Mexico in the United States and Canada. The “Built in your Homeland” (“Construye en tu Tierra”) is also a programme developed by the IME along with the CONAVI, to encourage and promote the building of housing in Mexico, through a credit and providing a grant for the construction of houses.


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