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RemitPlus Diaspora Bond / BBOX E-pay service

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Diaspora organisation AFFORD-UK is currently working with the Rwanda Development Board, the National Bank of Rwanda, and the Mayor of Kigali’s Office to develop blended financing models involving diaspora and other investment capital for construction of affordable housing in Kigali. The RemitPlus bond aims initially to raise $10m from the Rwandan diaspora and other investors to build 400 homes in Kigali. It is hoped the initiative will set a precedent for further bonds for housing in Rwanda and establish new trends in diaspora investment for development in Africa.
Shell and the UK Department for International Development (DfID) have recently supported BBOXX to launch BBOXX ePay, a new payment platform that allows Rwandans to ‘send energy home’ from anywhere in the world. Friends and family can use the new BBOXX ePay service to select from a variety of BBOXX solar-powered appliances, including TVs, radios, shavers, torches, LED lights and phone chargers, and pre-pay for the energy from one to 10 years.


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