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Med Generation Project for Jordanian Expatriates Projects

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The project was implemented by the ANIMA Investment Network, a multi-country cooperation platform for economic development in the Mediterranean, in partnership with the Jordanian Investment Commission. Its objective was to map and mobilise Jordanian expatriate ‘talent’ in the OECD countries, including senior executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and investors, in order to support the country’s economic and human development. When the project ended, ANIMA issued a white paper, which seems to have been circulated internally, proposing six specific measures to remove the obstacles preventing the diaspora from contributing to the Jordanian economy. These relate to issues of mobility, economic attractiveness and cooperation to be adopted by economic development policy makers and actors in the Mediterranean territories. ANIMA suggested to align these ad hoc projects with diaspora strategies and to implement them through coordinated structures, legal provisions and an improved database system.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Governance
  • Investment
  • Local development
  • Networking
  • Policy
  • Skills transfer
  • Communication & information
  • Data

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