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iVolavosa mobile application and the Fijian Cultural Programme

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2017 - 2017

The iVolavosa mobile application is an online dictionary for iTaukei language, which is one of Fiji’s official languages. The mobile application was launched by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and the iTaukei Trust Fund Board as a tool for the preservation of iTaukei culture. The Fijian diaspora is a key target audience for this service, as it allows to learn the iTaukei language from abroad. In addition, in 2019 the iTaukei Trust Fund Board initiated a pilot project in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the University of East Anglia and Fijian communities in the UK to revitalise cultural diplomacy and develop a sustainable Fijian cultural programme in the UK. In the framework of this project, the iTaukei Trust Fund Board is developing an educational resource kit to promote Fijian language and culture.


  • Communication & information
  • Culture
  • Digitalisation
  • Education and vocational training
  • Identity

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