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Issuing Angolan ID Cards for Angolan diaspora

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The Ministry of Foreign Relations (MIREX) announced in August 2019 that it would develop services so that Angolan citizens abroad could obtain an Angolan identity card, as well as other documents such as birth certificates and passports. One of the aims was to promote diaspora return, especially of skilled professionals. Moreover, the Angolan embassy in Namibia announced in October 2019 that it was organising the registration of undocumented Angolan migrants and diaspora in Namibia, providing them with consular ID cards to give them greater protection and allow them to cross the Angolan border legally for work. This came in response to concerns raised by the Angolan community in Namibia about a lack of appropriate documentation, and the high number of young people who illegally cross the border in the Cunene province in search of work.


  • Consular services
  • Labour migration
  • Migrants rights
  • Return and reintegration

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