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Empowerment Trainings


Conducted since 2016, the Empowerment Trainings include a number of local CSOs training local community leaders to provide information, training and support to potential migrant workers. The CSOs include the Rakhine Womens’ Union, Tavoyan Womens’ Union, Women’s Department of the Northern Shan State Baptist Convention and Mawk Kon Local Development Organisation. CSOs disseminate safe migration information and organise trainings for potential migrant workers and their families. They also train local community leaders to empower them to provide safe migration information and trainings, as well as support services to potential migrant workers. This has improved migrant workers’ access to information, as workers can receive immediate responses from their community leaders, rather than travelling to the nearest migrant worker resource centre.


  • Communication & information
  • Education and vocational training
  • Gender
  • Local development
  • Networking
  • Social development

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