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Diaspora Investment Measures

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In order to promote diaspora investment and its contribution to economic development in Mali, the government has taken a range of measures, including:
– Establishment of a ‘one-stop shop’ to provide advice on and facilitate registration of businesses, which can act as a barrier to diaspora investment; it now only takes 72 hours to establish a business in Mali. Registration of businesses is a significant barrier for diaspora investors in many countries so this strongly participates to creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs;
– Customs exemption on investment equipment for Malians in the diaspora;
– Signature of an agreement with two banks (ATTIJIARIWAFA BANK, BIM and the Development Bank of Mali, BDM) to facilitate remittance transfers and diaspora investments, as well as develop financial products targeting the diaspora, such as diaspora savings accounts;
– Signature of conventions with some host countries to better protect Malians abroad and their assets.


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