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The Hub is a governmental programme created in 2016 for Moldovan citizens who have been resident abroad for at least two years and are highly qualified experts who wish to cooperate with representatives of governmental institutions on five priority areas: social, economic, environment/ecology/rural development, justice, civil society. The Diaspora Engagement Hub included subprogrammes:
– Diaspora Professional Return: grants offered to diaspora professional and highly skilled migrants, encouraging the transfer of human capital and professional experience oriented towards the academic, social and economic development of Moldova, via short-term professional returns.
– Diaspora Innovative Projects: grants offered to diaspora representatives for the implementation of their innovative projects and activities in Moldova, based on the transfer of knowledge, experience and international best practices.
– Thematic Regional Partnerships: grants offered to diaspora associations for their collaboration and implementation of actions on local socio-economic development, education and health care.
– Diaspora Women Empowerment: grants offered to diaspora members for implementation of projects aimed at improving the social and economic conditions of women migrants via the transfer of knowledge and skills.


  • Local development
  • Mentorship
  • Networking
  • Skills transfer

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