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Conference on Diaspora Engagement in Sri Lanka’s Post-war Development, Reconciliation and Sustainable Peace

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Organised by the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), the themes of the conference included the politics of diaspora identity and definitions, the complexities of diaspora post-war development initiatives, the flow of skills, ideas and capital of the diaspora beyond the political and diaspora activism in justice, reconciliation and social cohesion. The conference outcome report brings a refreshing focus on diaspora literature – which is usually dominated by research on Tamil diaspora communities – by bringing in case studies of the Sinhala and Muslim diaspora communities. It also points to gaps that need to be addressed, such as the negotiation of aid between the diaspora and local communities and the role of women in diaspora engagement. The report concludes that the diaspora does not carry one identity, but multiple identities, and that can be used as a platform for finding commonalities leading to a more impactful engagement.


  • Communication & information
  • Discrimination and inequality
  • Gender
  • Governance
  • Identity
  • Skills transfer
  • Youth

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