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Casa do Cidadão

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Cape Verde

The Casa do Cidadão was established by the Cabo Verdean Government to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the Cabo Verdean diaspora, via the online web-portal or physical Service Centres. In order to bring citizens closer together and ensure access by emigrant communities to Casa do Cidadão services, a COL – Online certificates counter – was created for the diaspora. A mobile customer service was launched to facilitate remote population’s access to these services. Other services include: an integrated management system for documents; services related to citizenship, customs declarations, and tax; information on setting up business and investing in Cabo Verde; and tools to monitor the progress of children in education.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment
  • Communication & information
  • Consular services
  • Digitalisation
  • Education and vocational training

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