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“By and for the Diaspora” campaign 2019

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In the “By and for the Diaspora” (2019) campaign, the government aims to present, through interactive live broadcasts on television and social networks, the different ministries, directorates, and government services to the diaspora in order to increase understanding and better access to government services. More than one hundred thousand Haitians in the diaspora followed the first two broadcasts, mainly via Facebook Live. MHAVE plans to offer these sessions continuously to introduce public services to members of the diaspora. Prior to this campaign MHAVE had also launched a promotional tool for diaspora members willing to invest in the country. The purpose of this tool was to simplify administrative procedures and provide information to diaspora members to facilitate their ability to conduct business in the country.


  • Advocacy
  • Communication & information
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment
  • Networking
  • Social development

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