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Afric Benelux-Chad Trade Missions

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Diaspora enterprise Afric have been running trade missions to Chad since 2015. The missions work to promote economic development, access to finance, training and the international market for Chadian SMI/SMEs, with a particular focus on the agro-industrial and sylvo-pastoral sectors. The 5th edition of the Benelux-Chad Agribusiness Trade Mission to N’Djamena was organized by diaspora enterprise Afric in 2019 to connect African and European public and private organisations.. The most recent mission in 2019 resulted in 20 agreements and partnership contracts with Dutch firms, as well as the priming of 10 start-ups and development of business plans for 9 projects.


  • Agriculture and food security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Local development
  • Trade

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